The Canine Clinic

Welcome to the canine physiotherapy clinic!

A brief tour of the clinic

The canine clinic is located in a cosy outbuilding on our farm in Nidderdale – allowing me to look after your family, whilst looking after mine too! 

The safe and comfortable environment provided by the clinic allows your pet to relax and get the maximum benefit from their physiotherapy treatment – with, or without you accompanying them.

If your pet:

  • is recovering from surgery
  • requires multiple treatments per day
  • requires specific exercise regimes

they can either visit for an appointment or stay with me for the day and you can collect them at your convenience knowing that they are on the road to recovery.

Facilities and Equipment

The clinic is fitted out with non-slip comfort flooring to allow me to work with your dog wherever they’re most comfortable. 

It is kitted out with essential physiotherapy and rehabilitation aids, including balance pads and balls, harnesses and slings for support. Platforms and cavaletti for active exercise.

A range of therapeutic modalities are also available for your pets treatment including; H-wave, TENS, Longwave ultrasound, shortwave ultrasound, Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, red photon therapy and blue photon therapy. These are termed ‘electrotherapies’ and can contribute to pain relief and enhanced healing and repair following injury or surgery and can help pets to manage living with chronic conditions.

Opening Hours

Appointments can be made to suit you and your pets requirements, I will still be making home visits for small animals and yard visits for equine patients but will work to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the needs of individual patients

To book an appointment