How can I help your furry friend?

Physiotherapy has so many benefits and aims to develop, maintain and restore mobility and comfort in animals with musculoskeletal disorders, injuries, or following surgeries or medical interventions.  Ultimately, physiotherapy assists the body in healing as efficiently as possible to return the body to as close to fully functional as possible, reducing pain and improving quality of life as a result.

Using handheld infra red to provide pain relief whilst working on a horse in Spain


Sophie came to see my horse, Freckles, when he became hesitant about going forwards when ridden. She found some tension in his shoulder which she released – freckles yawned, licked, stretched and leaned into it! He absolutely loved his massage everywhere else and snoozed through the rest of it. Best of all, the next time I rode he was happy to go forwards, moving freely again. Sophie is gentle and sensitive with the horses, too – will definitely be getting her back!”

Hannah Weston – Positive reinforcement horse trainer

Sophie is fantastic and I would recommend a session to anyone. she is very professional and thorough, listens to the horse at every step and makes sure they are comfortable throughout. my boy is a complete stress head and until Sophie’s sessions was incapable of letting himself relax (not just being ridden but all the time!). There has been a massive improvement in him since Sophie’s visits and it lovely to see him so trusting and relaxed during every session! Thank you Sophie! ”

Shelley with Morph

I can’t believe the difference in Meg, the following day after her treatment at the clinic, she was wanting to run again, her tail was wagging properly again”

Georgie and Meg

Sophie is fantastic. My two love Sophie coming to work on them. Kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable are just a few things I can say about Sophie. If you haven’t had Sophie to your horse or pony yet, you don’t know what they are missing”

Racheal with Woody and Rosie

Sophie has visited us a few times now. She is always very professional and thorough. There has been a clear difference in my horse after her sessions. Following each session Sophie has given me some helpful advice on how to help my horse and useful exercises to do with him. I will definitely be using Sophie again and would highly recommend her.   

 Amy with her working hunters

Clover is now 100% sound, she feels fab! I had a canter on her last week and she is certainly feeling good so a MASSIVE thank you for helping me get her right Sophie, we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Jess with 4 year old Irish Sport Horse Clover